Empowerment with "The Council of Twelve" ascended Masters, high vibrational spiritual beings

I offer to you tried and tested services that have the ability to change your life for the better. I will show you how to embrace a greater frequency/dimension of yourself. I invite you to tap into another dimension of yourself, which once tapped into will bring you wisdom, understanding clear seeing that has the ability to turn the old spiritual world inside out. Now is the time to recognise your divine light and heritage. So now it's time to put your sunglasses on and welcome your light.
Denis & The Twelve

Denis is a Channel for the Ascended Masters known as the Council of Twelve, Spiritual Life Coach and Teacher, with over 35 years within the spiritual realms (in this life alone). The Council of Twelve are a group of nonphysical ascended Masters, they use me as a conduit to share insights and information to the world at large, which includes their healing energies and loving wisdom to all mankind. These masters, as all spiritual masters throughout the universe are working with the Earth and Humanity as time draws close for us to ascend from the third to the fifth dimensional.

Spiritual re-connect

It’s time for you to Spiritual re-connect with yourself here and with Denis Barnes internationally (world-class) acclaimed channel, intuitive healer, way-shower and guide to others on the path of spiritual awakening. When you came down to earth you had to dim your light, you changed frequency to that of a lower and slower vibration. Now it’s time for you to recalibrate yourself, and step into your divine spotlight.

Consultations / Twelve

The Twelve and Denis will assist you in becoming a master upon the earth then you may become phenomenal at cutting through the illusion..

Soul Aspects Integration

When spiritual beings having a human experience encounter core pain, discordance, and deep hurt.

Message/Voices from Heaven

If you would like a much in-depth private consultation regarding connecting with your loved ones in spirit then this is the place you can put your wishes into reality.

Out Front Show

A weekly show Tuesday evenings. Straight talking, shooting from the hip (Spiritual Information which is easy to digest) is what this show is all about. OMG in this world we need the truth, the proof and the realisation of what our earthbound journey is all about. However, the truth doesn’t lie very well with some people, so to those we will bring it in small amounts, just so you can digestive what is going on in your world at this moment. We will also have promised to connect our partner to the higher realms of life, so that he may bring forth in words and pictures through ( Connective – Conscious – Channelling) so you may have a better, broader and more informed situation of the choices that lay before you at this time. There will be also time for questions and answers and Skype calls/guests. the Skype contact for the show is (Denis Barnes)… A weekly show Tuesday evenings 9:00 PM GMT. 4: PM EST. 1:PM. PST…. please check “World Time Converter” for the time in your local area…

John Denis in the New exciting workshops and channelling sessions from "The Council of Twelve"

Spiritual empowerment

I offer to you tried and tested services that have the ability to change your life for the better. Are you ready for the change?
Denis Brings You Tools That Will Empower And Enrich Your Life.

Denis is a Channel for the Ascended Masters, Spiritual Life Coach and Teacher, with over 30 years within the spiritual realms (in this life alone). I am uniquely qualified in combining the wisdom of spiritual ways and traditions with advanced technologies of today as a way to facilitate healing, personal growth and the 2012 and beyond awakening process. Born in England and has traveled the globe sharing his god-given gifts of being a channel for the Council of Twelve and a vehicle of the divine. In his early 30s Denis discovered his Spiritual X-Ray vision. By scanning the human frame and picking out the areas where there were negative energy (illness). The path of International sought-after spiritual healer was integrating within him… Which itself lead Denis retiring from the business world to then give all to his spiritual vocation. Always ahead of his time and with over 30 years of spiritual learning and growth (In this life alone) and an ability to connect with the other side (the higher vibrational spiritual realms).

  • Realigning your sole purpose

    Empowering you to live your life to the fullest

  • Bringing forth divine wisdom

    translating it in to language you understand

  • Realigning yourself with your divine intuition

    Guiding you to trust and develop your intuition to the highest levels

  • Realigning my vibration to that of the Twelve

    Tuning into divine energy of the source. Translating it and then bringing it forth for an individual person or the world at large.

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