April 20, 2014

Soul Aspects Integration

Soul Aspects Integration/Alignment Experience.

As the old saying goes, “You are a spiritual being having a human experience.” Therefore, your non-integrated soul fragments occur when your emotional or mental body is traumatized by unhealthy alliances, such as possessive love relationships, karmic contract relationships. Such as souls torn apart by becoming war casualties, perpetrators or victims of murders, rapes, etc. Any form of interaction between souls that results in cording, psychic attachments, mental meltdown or entity possession.  With this in mind and heart, all encounters and experiences of societal limitations, parental restrictions, religious dogma, hurts, pains, fears, lies, incest, divorce, death, belittlement all cause the soul to fragment and disconnect this is needed to eventually be realigned, healed, balanced and reintegrated into yourself once more.

Soul fragmentation the true common denominator of pain and  suffering:

Your true soul essence is of the holiest lights and therefore can not fully understand the human aspects of pain and fragments accordingly in order to disconnect from the human experience. When spiritual beings having a human experience encounter core pain, discordance, and deep hurt, YOUR true soul essence fragments, in a way it is a method it has determined in order to survive and protect itself from more pain and turmoil.

Realigning these pained fragmented aspects of self is not an easy endeavour and in most cases requires assistance from those who are balanced and connected with the higher realms of light. That is why The Ascended Masters and The Angelic Realms have imparted upon me a powerful technique that will assist you in reintegrating and realigning to greatness and magnificence of whom you came here to be, and to safely and gracefully face the pains and hurts that originated your soul fragmentation and embrace them within so you can do the amazing work you came here to do.

More information about the Soul Aspect Alignment Experience:

My work with Aspect Integration and Soul Alignment involves working with your guides and healing teams in addition to the  Council of  Twelve and Archangels to delve deeply and help you recover gracefully from all that as held you back in this life with clients I work on:

Unresolved emotional traumas (violent karma with another soul, emotional attachment, fears, hurts, belittlement of self. Work through your hurts, cords and energetics with your guides and light teams in order to gracefully and powerfully realign and heal aeons of deeply recessed pains and hurt that are holding you back within your journey;

Retrieve and reintegrate your soul aspects so you can fully create the abundance, love, achievements, and spiritual balance that you rightfully deserve and desire.

Hold a space of light so the Ascended Masters, Angelic Realms and your light teams can catapult you spiritually to a higher coping mechanism that will lead you to your next steps to major growth.

Remove etheric implants, imprints and more Re-establish personal boundaries that will now define the new you the greater you in order to accomplish more in your life; Connect you with your multi-dimensional self. One last note in the Soul fragmentation and re-alignment:

Soul Fragments do not simply disappear therefore the only way to heal is to reintegrate and a powerful way to fully reintegrate safely is to utilize the work of the Ascended Light Realms who are here to assist you in becoming the greatness that you were born to be.  It’s time to embrace your magnificence your soul fragments are calling forth to be integrated back into the love of your light…book a session and integrate your greatness now


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