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The Spiritual Masters will already know what outcome you desire when you begin your channelling consultation session, they ask you to come with an open mind, a mind that will be able to embrace new opportunities regarding your spiritual and material growth and the spiritual consciousness of the Council of Twelve will respond to your questions with their usual humour, wisdom and healing properties.

The Spiritual Masters will nourish you as you find your own blocks regarding your spiritual  adventure here, they know that everything is in divine timing, you would not be reading this if it wasn’t perfect timing for you to integrate this into your spiritual oneness, everything in this universe is in divine order.

The Spiritual Masters wish to share with you the tools, techniques and practices that they believe will assist you in becoming a master upon the earth then you may become phenomenal at cutting through the illusion, and quicky getting to the heart of the matter . They wish to help you to understand were you may focus your energy at any given time that will assist you in accelerating your growth

you and the council of twelve

The Spiritual Masters and you.

Once more the Spiritual Council of Twelve will bring  to you information regarding questions you ask directly, and indirectly even if you have not voiced them out allowed & offer you information regarding your souls purpose here upon this world, they may not directly voice that information to you but choose to send it telepathically to you in the subtle vibrations while your soul partakes in the highly vibrational healing energy as your channelling session continues.

We hope this allows you to have a in-depth understand what the Council of Twelve "The Spiritual Masters" are offering.   Our greatest joy in our work is to help you become more aligned and integrated with your Soul's purpose for your journey here on this earth, then you will feel more empowered to create the life you desire and at the same time we support you to be the person you want to be in this life.

 council of twelve

One-hour consultation, In fairness to the world as it is now, it is my understanding that I'm here to help people to move forward in life regardless of their financial situation, so, all consultations are at a donation request, please donate what you think is possible for you to donate at this time. Please contact me from the contact page for the donation link. As soon as we receive your donation I will contact you to arrange commencement of your spiritual session with the Council of twelve, at a time that is convenient to you sessions are conducted via telephone and Skype.

The Spiritual Masters

You will be contacted to arrange a mutual date and time for your reading after your Donation through PayPal. All readings will be recorded in high-quality audio and converted to the MP3 format, forwarded to you as an MP3 file and as a back up recorded on a CD Disk…so you can listen again at your convenience.

All Sessions are conducted via phone/Skype/Zoom and in-person If you would like more information you would like more information regarding any aspect of this website, readings and payment process, please contact us