The Empowerment I offer

Version 2It’s time for you to Spiritual re-connect with yourself here and with Denis Barnes internationally acclaimed channel intuitive healer way-shower and guide to others on the path of spiritual awakening. Be enlightened with monthly newsletters, articles & shared teachings and channel information that is offered to a participating worldwide audience. Re-discover why this personal spiritual experience is so exhilarating, and why this is the most important time you could exist on the Mother Earth. Re-learn your unique spiritual role as a divine lighthouse, and how you can fulfil your life’s choice purpose and recalibrate your blueprint

I am a Conscious Channel and spiritual life coach and conduit for divine knowledge. I have over 30 years experience (in this life alone). I am uniquely qualified in combining the wisdom of spiritual ways and traditions with advanced technologies of today as a way to facilitate healing, personal growth and 2012 ..14/15/16 awakening process.

The Empowerment I offer will move you forward in this life.

I offer  One-to-One Spiritual Consultations, Spiritual Life Coaching, Akashic Record Consultations, Healing, & Self Activation, workshops and public channelling demonstrations. Please click on the above menu for more information for personal growth and the 2012 ..13/14/15 awakening process

 “We begin to understand yourself only when we start to understand who we are, where we have come from, and the purpose in choosing this life and how to achieve that purpose.”  In order to change our outer world, we must change our inner one.  Free up the bonds from our past programming and take an active role in determining and creating our future.”  Remember you and I are a Divine Master.