Evenings with The Council of Twelve.. Channelling


the twelve12 copy (1)An Evening With The Council of Twelve. I have heard from some of the attendees and they are still integrating the beautiful love energy transmitted to each of us last night – again the evening went late into the evening, as there was so much sharing and knowledge that the Council of Twelve wished to transmit to the group of attendees. I would like to extend a big thank you to the divine feminine energies of last night, all the attendees and a special shout-out to our gracious host Cheryl for hosting our high vibrational evening with The Council of Twelve.

This is a grand time of enlightenment and growth and I and the Council of Twelve thank you profoundly for being part of a greater plan of love, light, joy, learning and sharing. For those who haven’t attended an Evening with The Council of Twelve – get off your chair and come down and enjoy an evening of community and loving hearts and sharing minds, life’s too short not to share your divine essence with others of like heart and mind.