You are the light

 You are the light

We are the council of twelve merging our minds with the consciousness of our partner.

Once again we have observed your dedication within your thought patterns to find the truth of why you are here at this time upon your earth your earth. You have been questioning your dedication, are you good enough? Do you have the right knowledge and understanding of it? Can you deliver it in the right way so people can understand and imply it to their way to their lives within their present circumstances here upon your planet.

We watched amazingly, when you lifted up your arm gazed upon your hand and thought to yourself how does this work, what invisible force makes this work? What invisible force makes me work at a level of understanding that my mind tells me I haven’t got the understanding of what I’m thinking.

We will tell you now that thinking sometimes is overrated within the mind effort of self, better it came from the heart vibration of self worthiness.

For when you think you thought from the mind, you may automatically think this is not my thought, where did it arise from? Normal you would doubt yourself, however we have seen you having an understanding of great worthiness of the level of dedication that you yourself and your fellow brothers and sisters are incorporating into their daily events of life..

Realising the level of the awareness that you are vibrating at now is very important at this time in your vibrational change upon earth planet. For when you are changing yourself beloveds, you are changing the actual vibration of the air. the Earth, and of your fellow human beings in a way that you’ve not even thought about at this time, for every thought pattern has a vibrational colour which in itself is uplifting or negative, and sabotaging for yourself or whoever that thought was aimed at.

Your thought is also coupled with the God thought, the source that you talk about. The source of all light and understanding which in itself has many vibrational dimensional, for we see many thought patterns and the light that is attached to them, for all your spiritual bodies are mainly consisted of light vibrational energy forms, these energy forms that we speak about here have many spectrums of colours invisible to your level of understanding at this moment.

We see at the moment the magnificent strides that you are making towards the cosmic light energy collectively and individually. When you hold a thought form within your mind and feeling within your heart centre, you give that thought form a different vibrational energy that is so powerful when it leaves your physical body it gathers light as it goes out upon the spiritual vibrational energy wave planes, as it is speeding through your universe it gathers more light, more energy until it reaches its destination where it explodes in a spectrum of light and colourful vibrations integrating within the object that it was attracted to.

Light, the force be, I am the light, the energy stored within the vibrational energy field can be used for a weapon or can be used for the healing of mankind, the choice is yours, how will you use the light within , how will you use your new found energy power?

You are the light, you are the power, how will you distribute it within your own physical body, and how will you distribute it between your nations, the light can heal, can feed the poor, can heal the sick, can end the wars, can end the manipulation of mankind by the governments and so on. Light has an energy of its own it will attract to itself light vibrational energy forces, as this happens the light becomes stronger, more powerful, and more directional.

You have always been this light we talk about, you have never ever seen it within yourselves properly until now, you are beginning to waken up, take off your sunglasses and look at the true vibrational energy that you have within yourselves, do not be scared of sharing it with you first and foremost and then others who can sense and see and feel the warmth and the brilliance of your light vibrational energy.

When you see and feel the light within you, you will feel the need to take more responsibility for yourselves and those that you are pulled to by your vibrational energy, for when you feel the light, you will feel the power, and when you feel the power, you have a choice, you can either use it positively or negatively towards yourself or to the world in general.


The light we talk about is within different countries at this time where there are wars, where there is unrest and killing of the human bodies. The light is beginning to rise like the sunrise at the beginning of the day separating the night from its power, the darkness is just the exclusion of light, however when you bring the light into the darkness there is for a split moment a powerful struggle for that territory, which is very evident in those countries at war at this time.We remind you that love is light, and light is love. For when you love you give of your light, and when you give light you share your vibration of love with all humanity scene or unseen.


Thank you for allowing us to share our light upon this matter.


For we are the Council of Twelve With our partner Denis Barnes


***As it was brought through not edited***