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Please Donate For a Fair Exchange

If my work is inspiring you to live a more happier existence / knowledgeable on this planet knowing that you are a divine being having a temporary experience in human body, I'm asking you if you will consider leaving a donation (Fair Exchange) for the continuing work I'm doing at this time regarding the upliftment of my Brothers and Sisters.

Also, it will help me in going to the next level in my presentation work (DENIS BARNES OUT FRONT SHOW) and channelling with "The Council of Twelve" and the consciousness of one "The Daffodil of Mankind".

Peace Be with You...

Out Front Show

Please Donate For a Fair Exchange

A weekly show Thursday evenings

Straight talking, shooting from the hip (Spiritual Information which is easy to digest) is what this show is all about. OMG in this world we need the truth, the proof and the realisation of what our earthbound journey is all about. However, the truth doesn’t lie very well with some people, so to those people we will bring the information in small amounts, just so you can digestive what is going on in your world at this moment.

We will also have promised to connect our partner to the higher realms of life, so that he may bring forth in words and pictures through ( Connective - Conscious - Channelling) so you may have a better, broader and more informed situation of the choices that lay before you at this time. There will be also time for questions and answers and Skype calls/guests. the Skype contact for the show is (Denis Barnes)… A weekly show  Thursday evenings 9:00 PM GMT. 4: PM EST. 1:PM. PST…. please check “World Time Converter” for the time in your local area…