Preparation Dedication Expectation

 Preparation Dedication Expectation

council of twelve Denis Barnes

Love, Joy & Abundance

Greetings it is good to reach out to you all once again. Peace and quiet is important in your life if you wish to experience the music of the soul conducted by the dance of the invisible. For when you hear the orchestra playing in your heart centre with the notes that only you can hear within the holistic you, you are well on your way to understanding the subtle vibrations upon your planet right now. These vibrations are only audible within the heart to those who have a heightened sense of awareness of who they are, where they come from, and the destination that they can choose in this life as a traveller upon your mother Earth.

We have waited patiently until we could merge our consciousness with our beloved partner who we speak through now. Preparation, dedication, and expectation of your desires is welcomed as you negotiate the various harmonic equations of your particular life right now, right here on this earth.

We will speak of Preparation.

You have prepared yourself many thousands of years ago for this visit to this earth planet. You have prepared yourself to find the paper chase along the way, the signposts that you encounter upon your life journey, that somehow remind you of the path you have chosen. However, you have chosen this road right now for you to manifest your footsteps upon. As you proceed down the road that you’ve chosen you have already brought the maps within you, the maps that show you the sites and experiences that you prepared to give yourself in this lifetime. You have prepared well.

Now we speak of Dedication.

Dedication to follow your path, to follow your higher calling through your higher self. Dedication to walk your way, alone if needed to be so. You will also be dedicated to understand that dedication is the key in experiencing your life choices upon this planet, and at the same time be dedicated to know that you can change your life choices at any time you wish. Dedication gives you power, use it wisely our brothers and sisters.

Now we speak of Expectation.

We the Council of Twelve, ask you to see the light in yourself first and foremost. When you walk in your own light, and in your own power you are recognising your own self realisation that has manifested within you through time gone by. We do not speak of the earthly time here, however we speak of the time before you manifested upon mother Earth, the time when you played amongst the stars and the solar systems and you visited each planet for a different realisation of self.

To bring it into earthly words which we will use here, you expected at each pitstop (planets) to find happiness, excitement, and fulfilment, which you did in abundance through your own expectation of manifestation. So mother Earth should be a breeze for you, for you have had so much experience playing in the universe, bringing knowledge and experience to your everlasting divine soul in-print. So we ask you now what could be more easier than expecting only the best to come into your life from this moment on?

Self realisation and expectation comes when you release yourself from the old pattern of non-commitment to one’s spiritual journey in remembering your true destiny and your true origin and your true astral family. Remembering to love yourself is the key element in moving forward, and then experiencing the love of the human race coming back at you 20 fold.. for when you love another, you are loving yourself in more abundance than you can realise. Your expectation of self will be magnified, you will put yourself under the cosmic microscope, and as you do this you will automatically see the areas of your life where you can love more deeply yourself first and foremost, and then that love can be manifested to the whole human race, one person at a time.

Expectation, what does the word mean? When you expect, you send a power out in front of you into the universe, you automatically expect to receive what you are expecting, no doubt you are understanding our words here. We expect you to understand the words we are saying here (you see we are playing with the energy) when you start playing with the energy you start to manifest your expectations within your physical field (isn’t that a nice experience) when you expect you receive the energy in the manifestation form.

Now we speak of Manifestation.

Self doubt has no place in manifestation whatsoever. For when you do doubt you will not manifest. Your thoughts are magnetised with the manifestation coding which is unseen and not really talked about. The coding of your manifestation thought patterns is unique to itself, magnetise energy will only bring to itself that which is rightly polarised to be of the same frequency and energetic in-print of the original magnetising thought pattern. To make it plain and simple your energy has to be constant, not quivering, not deviating from the forms of manifestation that you wish to bring into your awareness.

You were in times gone by a manifestation genius, most of you could manifest instantly, however in this life you may have chosen to not remember this important point of self-realisation, so I hope you do not mind us bringing this to your attention once again.

So there you have it, Preparation, Dedication, Expectation And Manifestation. Forgive Our Sense of Humour… ALL You Have To Do Is Dedicate Yourself to Remembering.

Denis Barnes and the Council of Twelve.

One for all, and all for one.