Soul Re-Activation Premier private sessions

 I am offering soul Re-Activation Premier sessions for individuals/clients who have never co-created with me before. Average time one hour give or take either end for time is not important here it”s the energy exchange that is important In this session of Soul Re-Activation. We will go (my team and myself) to your Higher Self energies and connect with your light/soul purpose while in the physical coil.

You will need your sunglasses for this session, for when you see yourself as brilliant light the energy of your Physical self will change, for you will be entering the experience of upgrading yourself Spiritual/Physically while experiencing the earth.  With your permission, we will fling open the door of your soul's expression. Every soul has layers upon layers of soul experiences/expressions while experiencing the earthly journey. I will help you to listen to your invisible mentors/your team, your guides, as you listen, you will experience the love, the protection and the guidance that they have always offered you in this journey. 

This is a unique very deep, and highly activating experience “With the Council of Twelve” they are definitely unlike regular/typical/everyday-spiritual/intuitive consultations.

I’ve always been regarded as a no-nonsense way-shower (No “BS” zone). So if you’re willing and able to connect with the words here then this could be your awakening into your brilliant light-self you have been searching for. My authentic being is here to be of service to all, and help find your light and your purpose plus joy in this life.

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Soul Re-activation

How to book a session

 if you would like to proceed and book a Re-Activation soul consultation please click on the PayPal link.

As soon as we receive your donation I will contact you to arrange the commencement of your session with the Council of Twelve, at a time that is convenient for you. Sessions are conducted personally Face to Face, or Phone, Skype and Zoom.

You will be contacted to arrange a mutual date and time for your reading after you place your consultation request and exchange energy payment through PayPal. All consultations will be recorded in high-quality audio and converted to MP3 format, forwarded to you by email as an MP3 file, so you can listen again at your convenience. Sessions are conducted personally face to face, or phone, Skype and Zoom. If you would like more information regarding any aspect of this website, readings and payment process, please contact us.