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 Home Channelling Events For 2020

We are certainly building a wonderful community of like-hearted souls who are enjoying the Evenings with the Council of Twelve. This is a gifted evening to you all. Normally in gatherings such as this the council will step forward and give each of the participants in the room a mini consultation regarding their life so far, and their future experiences (of which there are many) to come.

(Our Next Home Channelling Evening is TBA ).  7:30 PM to 10:00 PM

Take this moment to unfold for you,  as you take the next step in order to accomplish your soul contracts. You brought yourself here to help uplift humanity. It is no mistake you are here – you have a grand role to play, as you are stepping into your higher self-power in order to assist others with a kind heart and true knowledge that you have done the inner work needed to take this crucial next step forward.

You have placed the ingredients in your spiritual soup; it is now time to let others sip of the divine ingredients you have placed so lovingly into your work. The world is ready for your beloveds. Once this moment has passed, let go in the knowing all is in its divine unfoldment, no need to push or pull as you were born to do what you are feeling pulled to do.

We encourage you to share with others if they will care to participate in evenings as such as this with the Council of Twelve

Our Next Home Channelling Evening is TBA.  7:30 PM to 10:00 PM

The spiritual family is needed at this time, you are no longer needed to sit alone and do inner work – its time for you to connect with like-minded and heart centred brothers and sisters and co-create grand possibilities to further benefit planet earth. We look forward to your presence at our next meeting and thank those who took time out of their busy lives to attend the last gathering with The Twelve. I (Denis) deeply thank each of you – as you read the transmissions from The Twelve from around the world know each hold a great light that magnifies love throughout our planet.

Many are now feeling a thrust to bring forth more and ramp-up projects to co-create with others manifestations that have been bubbling in the background. Some are feeling a pull to step more into the forefront with their new technologies to expose the fake news, coupled with the healing modalities, writings, artwork, channellings, multi-media etc. Use this supremely powerful time for your manifestations; let the universe work with you and for you.

 NOTE: Limited to a small number of attendees (at my home) so time can be given to all aspects of your life’s. (maximum of 10 attendees)  Refreshments are included, you may bring your own if you wish to do so. Please Email me for address details.

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