Walking in mastery

Walking in mastery

What does walking in mastery mean, the question that I was asked today

Walking in masteryTo me it means facing their inner Demons, facing the wee small voice that talks to you negative wise, keeping you in a suspended frame of not sure which way to tackle things, or even if you should tackle these things you can think about which are somehow contributing to your way of thinking. Walking in mastery, becoming a master, once again is going within myself, to sit in peace and quiet (meditation) go deep within myself, sometimes that’s not enough, for one is rudely awakened, the ego trying to distract you from finding a golden layer self-realisation, mastery.

Self belief this is a must at this level of belief, for what is belief? A belief that you’ve been here on this earth plane before, okay so one has a belief, what does one do about it? How does a belief like this help you at this level of mastery to understand the next step, I ask you.

These could be complicated questions, it just depends on the way you view the questions. Question, why did the Masters of years gone by remove themselves from the noise, the hustle and bustle of the cities and towns and go off into the mountains to find that golden layer of self belief and self-realisation, I wonder why? 

 Path of mastership is built for one (solo) to travel. The path of the master is intertwined with the path of others that is similar, if not identical in various aspects. Mastership in any way shape or form, is not through the collective journey of the sheep, it is an individual journey of discovery and rediscovery of self. Which in my opinion will go on indefinitely