July 28, 2014

Workshops/on-line seminars & courses

Workshops/on-line seminars & courses

LIVE ONLINE EVENTS: Join us for an online seminar with Denis Barnes and The Council of Twelve.. 


1 Course:   How to create your dream life and let go of limitations and self sabotage. Guidance from the higher realms and the Council of 12 provide practical tools and methods to move your dream life from limitation to unlimited realisation. Actualise a limitless life and manifest your dreams through the Denis Barnes and the Counci of Twelve

For information regarding the highlights of the topics covered in this course .. please contact us…


2  Course:    Connect with your spirit guides on how to give messages to others and find answers for yourself. Gain confidence and much deeper understanding of how spirit guides work. Learn practical tools that bring you into partnership between your spirit guide and angels. Learn classical choose how to develop your skills and enhance your abilities to get messages to others

For information regarding the highlights of the topics covered in this course.. please contact us…


3   Course:    Learn how to meditate and use this tool to create a more balanced and positive life. Learn how to use meditation to reduce stress and anxiety from your life. Gain a deeper spiritual practice through meditation. Create a quiet space within through meditation and shift your perspective of life

For information regarding the highlights of the topics covered in this course ..please contact us…


4   Course:   An evening of channelling and heart opening meditation with the ascended Masters: how to change life from mediocrity to ascended mastery

Mediocrity to ascended mastery workshop is a high energy and very special evening with the ascended Masters and the Council of Twelve. Denis and the Ascended Masters will assist in opening your higher heart chakra through a sacred meditation technique, so Denis will bring forth messages directly from the Council of Twelve Ascended Masters. You will be inspired by Denis higher knowledge and ability to the sacred transmissions and messages of the Council of Twelve and Ascended Masters realm during this evening fun, knowledge, activation, celebration and information.


The above 4 courses listed above are only a sample of the array of workshops that a teach with the Council of Twelve.

If you would like more information regarding the workshops and online seminars please drop us a line from the contact page. Participants of all courses will receive by email highlights and topics that will be covered in each course along with cost and dates available.