Denis Barnes-The Twelve

Denis is a Channel for the Ascended Masters known as the Council of Twelve, Spiritual Life Coach and Teacher, with over 30 years within the spiritual realms (in this life alone). He is uniquely qualified in combining the wisdom of spiritual ways and traditions with advanced technologies of today as a way to facilitate healing, personal growth and the 2012 and beyond awakening process. Born in the UK and has travelled the globe sharing his God-given gifts of being a channel for the Council of Twelve and a vehicle of the divine.

In his early 30s, Denis discovered his Spiritual X-Ray vision. By scanning the human frame and picking out the areas where there was negative energy (illness). The path of the International sought-after spiritual healer was integrating within him… Which itself leads Denis retiring from the business world to then give all to his spiritual vocation.

Always ahead of his time. With over 30 years of spiritual learning and growth (In this life alone) and an ability to connect with the other side (the higher vibrational spiritual realms). Denis is actively on the path to his self-mastery. He works with and is a conscious channel for the renowned “Council of Twelve” (a group of nonphysical Ascended Masters).

The Council of Twelve work closely with Denis to bring clients advantageous, insightful, encouraging and relative soul-information pertaining to their life here on this planet. If you are in need of guidance, counsel, insight into your soul lessons (experiences) and wish to connect to your inner master Denis and the Council of Twelve ascended masters are here to work with you through the weekly radio show on the Internet and continuing workshops in different countries in order to bring forth the best life you can live, to go beyond your current limitations and be all that you can be in this life

Denis utilises every day of his life as his learning experience just as the Ascended Masters ones learned and taught,

Denis also walks the path to both teaching and learning higher knowledge. Ones learning and integration of Mastery never stops, it is ever evolving, and due to Denis ability to overcome a severe speech impediment and continue to maintain his mastery by surrendering to God (Source) and his Higher Self which perhaps was one of the impetuses for his easy ability to align with his deeper spiritual self and o-within and concentrate on becoming Self – Realised in this life

Even as a child, it became known by his family and neighbours that Denis with his ability (from past lives) could easily access those who had passed over to the heavenly realms (ascended masters and guides) and also foresee potential outcomes that would happen in the future and tap into higher spiritual knowledge.

The spiritual path of Denis beckoned, when he realised that the inner world and vision was opening up to him, he actively sought the advice from elders at spiritual organisations, they were quite put back with the knowledge that he stepped forward with, in explaining what was happening to him at this time in his life. While sitting in meditation one fruitful day he saw and felt his Kundalini Rising through his chakras, he didn’t want to tell anybody in case they ridiculed him.

It was only years after he ventured this information forward. Denis then experienced the profound power in meditation through the Self-Realisation Fellowship founded by Paramahansa Yogananda, it was though he was brought under the direct guidance of the Yogi himself.

Everything was seemingly falling into place the contact with the Yogi was made, now, all he had to do was put it into practice, little did he know that this would be forced upon him, this came through a motorcycle accident which left his leg in plaster for six months and housebound, even then he thought there is a reason for this, the reason itself became evidently clear when in meditation came the answer.
This was the time for him to understand, and reconnect to the ascended masters through meditation, and to become a “Kriyaban” (Kriya Yogi)

”Kriya Yoga” is a method by which the human blood is decarbonated and recharged with oxygen. The atoms of this extra oxygen are transmuted into life current to rejuvenate the brain and spinal centre, by stopping the accumulation of venus blood, the yogi is able to lessen or prevent the decay of tissues. The advanced yogi transmutes his cells into energy. Elijah, Jesus, Kabir and other prophets were past masters in the use of Kriya technique, by which they caused their bodies to materialise and dematerialise at will.Denis honed his past life skills once more at some of the finest spiritual institutions on the planet and was guided to teachings (by the invisible world and the ascended masters) that would solidify his inner knowing. Denis also established a way to share knowledge and spiritual-soul growth in the 90’s by being a worldwide keynote speaker, with a down to earth attitude of, if somebody has spiritual knowledge that may help other people, you have to share it.

The way to share this knowledge was to be the founding member and CO of an internationally Mind- Body & Spirit Expo Company based in England and to use this as a platform for himself (and many others) as a keynote speaker. Subsequently, Denis was asked by the invisible world to promote the Mind- Body & Spirit expos into different countries such as USA (Dallas), England, Scotland, Ireland, Spain and Gibraltar. It was in Dallas where Denis had his first UFO contact after the exhibition while relaxing in the Jacuzzi on the top of the Dallas Grand Hotel… (this is a story for another time)

The story still continues, the date is Dec 2020. Denis is actively progressing down the path To-Ward’s Mastery in this life (self-realisation) and is openly sharing this knowledge with those who are searching for answers regarding personal growth and connecting to their higher selves and beyond. The door to Denis is always open for those who wish to connect with him and the Twelve Ascended Masters.

What makes Denis so Unique?

The author of – ”You Are What You Think You Are”, and “Change Your Thoughts To Change Your Life” – Life changing seminars

Living in the divine flow and stepping into mastery has been a passion of Denis’s for the past 30 years. Denis has a divine connection with the universe (that we call the source) this journey in life is about co-creating with the universe and with oneself. Denis is receiving guidance from the universe on many subjects and topics. He has mastered the techniques of listening and integrating such knowledge within and created a life-changing way of bringing this information into the public domain.

Denis did not gain his knowledge through reading books, he gained his knowledge and expertise through being in the field, walking his talk. 

His ability to tune into the universe and to bring changes into your life is dynamic and life-changing. What Makes Denis so Unique?. He has been to the mountaintop, he is a believer in self-motivation, at the same time tuning into the divine universe and receiving the answers to the questions. When the universe talks to you (the source) do you know how to implement the knowledge that is being brought forth to you? Denis will guide you how to listen, when to listen, and when to activate the knowledge that you receive for the betterment of yourself, right here, right now.

That’s what makes Denis so unique, he does not do it alone, it does it with the assistance of the universe (the divine source) which we are all from.

That is what makes Denis so Unique. You can be unique also, all you have to do is listen, and then act. Contact Denis now and change your life for the good.