April 7, 2018

Evidential Spiritual Medium


Considering a better contact is needed between both worlds for a healing to take place between loved ones, The Best Connection Is Always Two Ways. 

Denis has been working as a spiritual medium for the past 30 years in this life. He Has fine tuned is gift through the spiritual churches of Great Britain and the prestige international Arthur Findlay College (Stansted Hall) and has travelled the width and breadth of the UK and Europe/ internationally with workshops and spiritual seminars throughout the USA. Denis also works with a group of ascended Masters called the Council of Twelve, these ascended beings assist Denis in all his spiritual undertakings be it consultations/readings or channellings for "one to ones" and "large audiences".

Private Consultations

If you would like a much in-depth private consultation regarding connecting with your loved ones in spirit then this is the place you can put your wishes into reality. Is your loss too much to bear at this present time, do you want to know how your loved ones are doing on the other side of life, and what has happened to them and their way of understanding what spiritual life is all about?

Do you wish to connect with your loved ones in a two-way conversation? If you can say yes to any of these questions and this is the place for you. I offer a one-hour consultation/reading, what this includes is hopefully a connection with the higher side of life (your loved ones) and a connection with your higher-self through your guides and inspires who will assist me in helping you to overcome any obstacles in your own life. All I ask is you come with an open heart and mind and be ready to ask questions regarding your loved ones, and your earthly journey here. Please use the PayPal link to connect with me for your consultation/reading.

Readings/connecting with loved ones

There are two choices, 30 minutes or 60 we can even go longer if required. For prices please see the PayPal link on the right-hand side of this page where the options are presented to.


You choice

Donations (fair exchange) the law of abundance and attitude of gratitude.

If you have received information from My Facebook Live Streaming Show regarding your loved ones, or help and direction from your guides and inspires then, I'm asking you if you will consider leaving a donation (fair exchange) for the continuing work I'm doing at this time regarding the upliftment of my brothers and sisters who have lost a loved one. Also, it will help me in proceeding to the next level in my presentation work (EVIDENTIAL SPIRITUAL MEDIUM AND CHANNEL WITH THE COUNCIL OF TWELVE ASCENDED MASTERS)

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