If you follow your hearts, you will find your way home

“Les Miserables” Bring Him Home, Is Now a World Famous Song.

“Les Miserables”

Bring Him Home, Is Now a World Famous Song.

If you follow your hearts, you will find your way home. The musical we talk about described part of the struggle between tyranny and suppression of a national race, and the rioting that occurred through the constant eroding incarceration of the human spirit.

We the council use this introduction to remind you of the struggle that is going on right now on your earth now between the two forces that you may call good and evil, we wish to use the words slavery and freedom. Circumstances on your earth and changing, there is a power struggle. Some of you will already know of the invisible forces that are working against the forces of peace, happiness, wealth sharing.

Hence the title “Bring Him Home”. Otherwise known as opening the cell doors, letting the people free. Look at the state of some of your countries that have been affected by greed for many decades, look at them now. They are fighting for their survival, they are fighting so they can suppress the people once again. Making them slaves to the system is there only thought pattern, it is a common thread between what you call the elite who have the power.

We are here to tell you, and to show you differently in this time of change.

We who work in the invisible (are bringing you all home) you will be able to hear the message in your heart, the drumming of a new musical taking place for all to hear and to take part in this glorious recognising of a new dawn, and new way of thinking, a new way of feeling and living. Doing nothing is not an option. If you do nothing you will let your captors gain ground over yourselves.

We ask you to look behind the smoke and mirrors, look to see the agenda of those who wish to still keep you in chains… (follow the money)

Are you hearing the beating of the drums, are you feeling the rhythm of change within your heart within your country. are you seeing the destruction, self-destruction of your political parties and their spin doctors? If you are, then you are listening and heeding the drums of change within your earthly vibration. For without change (earth children) there will be no progression, no enlightenment no understanding of the power that you withhold from yourself right now at this moment.

Change is upon you, change will come to you whether you you wish it to or not. Now the change you bring to yourself is of your making, what change do you want to see? That is the question you should be asking yourself.

For there is no time like this time now. The time to be.. once again into the dark ages, or to be enlightened to the true powerful you. We ask you to take your cloak off, to let your brilliance radiate between your friends and family your work colleagues. Now is the time to take action, to wake up, to feel free to shake the bonds of slavery well and truly off you for ever.

The choice is yours, what will you do?

We ask you to allow your love, your light, your reasoning to step forward into your heart centre, because there is a geiger counter working in that area, which will lead you to those who are thinking and feeling the same as yourselves. When you come into groups, be it large or small, that energy is magnified (magnificently stronger) you are stronger and more powerful in groups.

We the “Council of Twelve’ are stronger together, the collective force of the group will always be more powerful than a single person. Just look how the creatures you call on your mother Earth (Ants) work together, they can move mountains (together) however single not so powerful.

So it is with this message we ask you to become groups in your different countries, working together for the common goal of mankind. We ask you to keep walking into the darkness, because you have the light behind you shining its way forward, you have the ability to see where you’re going, you have the light the energy the force the free will at your back guiding you forward.

Now is the time to revolt, to shake the trees and to remove the snipers who are taking aim individually at the enlightened ones who are making the most noise, the ones who are flooding the light into the darkness, we ask you to shake the trees and remove the opposing force that’s stopping you from moving into your true domain (of living in love, peace and harmony) right now on your earth.

We the invisible who are called the Council of Twelve, cannot do it for you, you have “made it” yourself, now our brothers and sisters is the time for you to “unmake it”, and step into your full destiny of the I am presence…. (enlightened ones)

We are bringing you home, do you feel the drum beating…

Denis Barnes and the Council of Twelve ascended grandmasters…
(one for all, and all for one)