Divide and Conquer

Divide and Conquer. Jan 2017

Divide and Conquer.

Divide and conquer is the energy being used by your political forces.
It is not often that we come through to our partner in this manner and with such urgency regarding the energy upon your mother Earth at this time. We that live in the invisible are concerned about the wave of hostile energy moving through your planetary countries like a virus in your computers.

Individually you are weak. (In the singular sense)

Collectively you are stronger, do not forget the strength of yourselves brothers and sisters. For as you stand shoulder to shoulder different race different colour different social circumstances you become enriched with the strength of each other, a collective strength of unity and positive energy that mother Earth is in dire need of at least time.

You are the hope and the prayer for mother Earth at this time and for her civilisation that walks upon her, that depends on her to still flourish just to produce and to still love and live in peace.

When you do nothing brother and sisters, when you sit on the fence, and have an attitude that I’m All Right Jack, you are disadvantaging yourself from the truth of what is taking place right here right now, regarding the ones who want to keep you in bondage as a slave.

You are the ones who have allowed this to happen, in your name it is done. In the name of greed, materialism, it will continue unless you all come together and form a bond with each other which is built in the spiritual, in the invisible, before it is brought down upon your mother Earth at this time.

Put aside your differences, your hate for one another, for your hate will get you nowhere except in the ground faster than you thought possible. And then you will see the folly of it all, when you have your life review, when you’re back on the other side.

Many times we have been to you all who walk upon your earth. Through your intuition, through your dreaming, through your heart we manifest. We never manifest in your mind, it is your heart that sees, and here’s our message in the vibrational understanding of oneself, and the greatness of one.

There will be those of you who read this message, that will turn away, there will be those who read it with their heart and at overjoyed with the message of love that we bring you at this time, for it is real, for we walk on the earth with you at this time. We are not separate from you beloveds, we are walking every step with you we breathe every breath with you we watch your sunsets and your sunrises together. Our breath is in unison with yourselves.

However, we cannot do anything regarding your situation, because you have allowed it to happen, so you have to put the matter right, in your own terms, under your own steam. However, we will help those who have the ability to listen to their heart, and their conscious vibrational higher self.

You see evil flourishing, however nothing is done about it on a mass scale, why not we ask ourselves and we ask you the same question? Is it because you forgotten your true heritage, of where you’ve come from, and the power that you have within your physical, and invisible self. Is it this we ask you? For if it is, we will remind you how powerful and connected to the higher vibrational Spiritual Realms you are.

There is propaganda, there are false rumours, there is false reporting throughout most of your countries.

If you see this, which we hope you can. If you do nothing about this, then it will, and will always continue more powerful. The choice is yours our brother and sisters. Will you take a stand against the force that wishes to keep you entrapped and in the darkness, to manipulate you for the greed of the few?

Remember you do not go this alone you go this with our blessing, our assistance and our guidance.

However you have to feel it within your heart, see positively in your life in your time frame, let nothing stand in your way of standing together collectively for the best outcome regarding all human beings.

We urge you to come together now in your hearts and form a cosmic vibrational wave of pure love for each other which will sweep everything and every obstacle into dust. You have the power, you have always had the power, so we urge you, please wake up and use the divine will of love for each other….

The Council of Twelve with their partner Denis Barnes… one for all, and all for one..

Post Channelling... The Council of Twelve consist of "Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, St Jermaine, Joan of Arc, Paramahansa Yogananda" And the Remaining Six, I'm Not at Liberty To Say At This Moment...