Cosmic sense of humour

OMG. Cosmic sense of humour

This makes sense…. So funny

Interesting drama you have going on in your life dear partner. Once again we come with our particular brand of sense of humour, you may say our sense of humour is huge for there are indeed 12 of us rotating on a never ending spiral of unconditional love to you and to all souls that inhabit your planets at this time.

What do you see? When you open your eyes, what do you see and feel when your heart is extended into the energy of other people’s vibrational forms, what do you see my friend? Yes we come with a forked tongue at this particular time, for we don’t wish you to see anything however we wish you to feel everything from your divine heart. When you walk down the road and smile at somebody, you are smiling from your heart energy that is connected to one of your higher selfs is living in another dimensional energy vortex. This energy is never separate from you however you may feel that it is separate. However once again, we love that word “however”, we shall refrain from saying that word,. yes we nearly said it again. We love playing with your energy our friend and partner, for you see the lighter/brighter side of life it resonates through your earthly sense of humour. However, there we said it again. Your particular brand is not appreciated with some people. We ask you please don’t ever lose it.

It is regarding your spiritual energy manifesting within your cosmic sense of humour that we wish to engage you in conversation today.

When you begin to walk into mastery, you and other people, you will develop a certain type of Master Humour. The humour is developed through many experiences that you have had in this life, you see the bright side of the dark night, you see the lighter side of a heavy load, you see yourself around a brick wall. Humour is a blessing to behold in all species. For your brother and sister on what you call your star planets have a developed sense of humour. They see the drama upon your earth plane, they see most of the sheep following the sheep in front of them not knowing where that sheep is leading the pack. They think it is so funny, as it may be one of the cartoons made by Walt Disney (who is a master in his own right) they know that cartoons have to have a element of laughter and ridiculousness in it, you are getting to understand our drift, are you not?

For when you see the jovial side of life, your cosmic sense of humour, you see the bright side, the lighter side, you feel the sunshine shining through the clouds, we could go one with one-liners, “however”, there goes that word again we now understand you are beginning to see the message in the bottle here. A sense of humour is godly, is even divine in fact. Do you not think that we that live amongst the invisible vibrations on what you call your heavenly realms are extinct from having humour?

For when all people see the funny side of experiences you are living from your heart, from your laughter from the beauty of your soul, which is yourself experiencing the divine perfection in that moment, and seeing it as self-realisation that nothing ever matters permanently. One minute you’re upon your earth, the next minute you’re back in your home (across the Vale). Isn’t that funny, we think so, do you?

Oh, isn’t it so funny, that you chosen to forget your divine heritage your cosmic sense of humour, we’re laughing out loud here, you have totally forgotten to realise, to take the cloak off yourself, and you’ve totally 100% forgotten how to be the shape-shifter, you forgotten how to shape-shift between the dimensional world’s that you inhabit now, isn’t it funny you forgot how beautiful you all are in your divine form, you rush around trying to fix the human condition, trying to look younger, by putting artificial substances in your bodies, we won’t even mention your face (Botox) you human beings are so funny, you keep us entertained, and we thank you for this pleasure.

Seriously, remember to have a sense of humour is divine. And we love you all…… come on, who doesn’t love a good cartoon.