Live an empowered life free workshop Manchester

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You Are Invited to This Evening with Myself and The Twelve & Co- “Live and Empowered Life”  This Is a Gifted Free Workshop For Those of You Who Are Looking To Live in “Empowerment” Right Here Right Now.

For those of you that are interested please send me your contact details from the front page (contact me)…   Venue Location/ The Midland Hotel City Centre.. 7:30 AM To 9:30 AM.. Date to Be Confirmed..  Limited Spaces Only.

“Harmonic Wealth”; “Laws of Attraction”; “Living Your Best Life Ever”.

LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE EVER. Denis incorporates higher guidance, channelling and inspired information from Source-Creator. Join us for an inspiring evening of empowerment. Joyously achieve your goals as Denis share higher know how and inspired guidance.  You are invited to an evening with Denis Barnes – learn how to have a successful, happy and joyous life.  Denis provides measurable results to achieving your goals and living your life to your fullest potentials.

A thought leader in “harmonic wealth”; “laws of attraction”; “living your best life ever”, Denis is a master teacher and powerful speaker on helping others implement and fully understand the idea of energy fields attracting similar energy fields, and “attracting the life you want.”   Going beyond the run-of-the-mill motivational speakers Denis incorporates higher guidance, channelling and inspired information from Source-Creator, The Twelve (a group of higher guides and ascended masters whom Denis channels), and his years of experience in being a thought leader, master creator of abundance.

If you would like to be part of this wonderful event of walking in empowerment. Please hit the subscribe button on the picture below and leave your contact details thank you. db