The Council of Twelve, Be Happy

The Council of Twelve -Be Happy your not here long, The Council of Twelve tells me, Once upon a time, when you were nothing but an invisible thought form having an out of body experience, you decided to come down to mother Earth to gain valuable experiences about how to cope with different personalities, different circumstances that were alien to you at this time. Most of you are beginning to remember the true heritage of who you were then, who you are now, and who you will be in the future, you will know by now that there is no future, there is only now.

 The Council of TwelveSo we will continue as we mean to go on there are many forms of information coming from across the Veil, choose carefully the information that you take to your heart, let this information rest in your spiritual being, what is the feeling it gives you?, do you resonate with this information, or do you not. This is truly an indication how to believe the information that is right for you to believe at that time, do this with the information that we share with you freely now, for if it resonates within your heart centre then it is right for you to feel that this information will be of service to you.

 The world at the moment is a jungle, people are being thrown out of work, out of their homes, and out of their relationships. This dear beloveds is the shakeup call that has been spoken about by many messengers for a period of time. Do not worry about the situation that most of you find yourself in at this time, we ask you as always to go within and ask yourself the question, what do I do next. When you have received an answer then act on it from your heart centre, do not let the mind try to persuade you one way or the other, so beloveds overcome the mind and always come from your heart centre regarding your present situation. Remember this is only temporary, remember who you are, a child of God, a star seed, a divine being on a journey of your choosing.

 Whatever personal choices you face at this present time always remember who you are. Do not forget your divine heritage your place upon this earth at this most beautiful time of her transformation, as the Earth transforms must the human beings who are having a experience upon the world, so mother Earth and the new humans can live in tune with each other. Remember, this journey is only temporary sooner or later you will be back across the Veil sharing this information of your most wonderful journey with your brothers and sisters.

Be the lighthouse for yourself first and foremost, then be the lighthouse for your brothers and sisters. Blessings dear ones, “Council of Twelve”