Your DNA is only activated by yourself through yourself and for yourself.

Your DNA is only activated by yourself through yourself and for yourself.


Spiritual dedication along with discipline requires motion and action the latter is needed in all expressions of self upon your spiritual plane we have explained many times that you are not totally a human being it is just a shell that you are all wearing like the tortoise in this life. Dedication, perseverance, is the way forward into self-realisation of your true self, your true heritage, and your true background story.

Understanding who you are, where you are from, and where you are going to is so very important at this time brothers and sisters. When you see the distance you have travelled within your mind and your heart from those different galaxies that you had your beginnings on, you see the vastness of your travelling, and in the travelling through different dimensional’s, different universes and galaxies you have gathered information that you’ve stored within yourselves this is called your DNA.

Your DNA is only activated by yourself through yourself and for yourself.

Dedication to self-realisation is so important now ,for those that can listen and hear this message you will understand the words we use and the power behind self realisation of self.  Nobody, nobody, can give you self realisation but yourself.

There are many avenues where you will conveniently find information regarding self-realisation however we would just talk about one here if we may, we ask your permission, however we will still talk about it, once again our sense of humour is coming through, we like it. What do you think?

When you sit in meditation, when you go into the quiet, true meditation is not lingering in what you call your astral planes, it is going through and beyond this field of meditation. Ideally in your meditation you’re looking for peace and quiet in all areas of your heart your mind. Do not worry my friends if you hear or see nothing at this time, however sooner or later you will feel the peace of being at one with the universe which in its way is the source (the mother and the father of the God) of all creation.

Please do not allow yourself to be sucked into the dimensional of whistles going off bells sounding and beautiful pictures, go beyond the astral limits into the peace and quiet, connect with your true self connect with the masters the source that is commissioned to communicate with you in all areas of your life’s. Working on oneself takes dedication it takes courage, patience and time, then comes along the peace and understanding, it will come if you persevere, please remember we have been where you are, our may words hopefully encourage you to see how beautiful you all are and what destiny you hold within your hearts for yourself at this time upon the mother dimensional Earth.

As always we are the Council of Twelve with our beloved partner Denis Barnes.

one for all, all for one.