Transformation in to the Heart

Transformation in to the Heart

Good evening grasshopper,

It is a good picture you have chosen, or should we say we have chosen for you. You have been recognising within yourself the transformation, you have been recognising that everything has a timing even though it is not your time it is of divine timing. When you and all others transform the inner world into the outer world, you will see the benefit of the inner world manifesting before your very eyes. It is, as always, what you hold in your heart that is uppermost importance at this time. Even though your heart is of a earthly dimensional the energy in the “heart born crystal’ is of divine energy and it is of this heart born energy we wish to share with you today.

We will speak through many instruments, we will use many ways to get our message through to you all. There is dismay at what is going on in your earthly world at this moment the aggression from one country to another country, the aggression towards your aeroplanes and undertaking of human lifeforms. Before we go on, we must remind you at this moment in time that the ones you will thought you have lost are in their real home enjoying, we would say, the comforts of the heavenly realms at this moment in time. We do know that there are many individual humans who will not see this and who will not take comfort in knowing what we speak about at this time, however it is true.

When you look around, when you listen to the news in your different countries, you will see the plight you see the aggression being formed by those who know no better. Please rest assured that this will change in the near future, for in the near future our hearts will sing as one, you will dance as one, and you will love each other as one collective energy.

There has to be a changing of the guard, sweeping clean the cobwebs of old traditions, the old way of thinking, and controlling the human race.

You’ve chosen to be here upon mother Earth at this time, you chosen this role as a spiritual warrior, a light being, a star seed, shall we go on? However, it is your divine birthright to change the circumstances that you find yourself in at this moment, this can happen by you taking control of your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions, first and foremost.

This brings us back to the transformation picture. When you and your brothers and sisters transform themselves into what they forgot they are capable of, then you will see your world change, initially, it starts with yourself. We speak in a broader language here transformation starts and stops with every one of yourselves. Transform yourself receive the transmissions from your hearts then your inner and outer world integrates with each other into the harmony of self, for we have always said you are not alone and of course the Three Musketeers (one for all and all for one).

We are helping you, we are sending messages to those who can receive and understand our words and our insight at this moment of your earthly change. You see when people asked for help, ask for guidance, asked for information and they are not ready to transform their inner world into the outer world, so then with an open heart we ask you how can we get this information that you seek if logically speaking you cannot do anything with it at this time?

¬†Information is very good to have, however if you don’t use it correctly it is a divine waste of energy, (however nothing ever goes to waste). This is just our way of explaining it to you are in down to earth words, that hopefully, nothing can be taken out of content, so hopefully once again it reads in black-and-white.

Please remember that we, your ancestors who have gone ahead before you need your help at this pivotal time up on mother Earth.

Your birth at this time has been given a divine opportunity, you harvest within your divine self the cells of self realisation, the all knowing and understanding of your solar birth pattern. You are here for a reason, that reason, if we may remind you, is to find within yourself the greatness of the “I am” message, when you truly realise the “I am” message you understand the reason for your journey to this planet you call your mother Earth.

We cannot tell you what to do, so we, would advise you, to find the love that resonates with in all your hearts at your deepest level of self, drag it to the forefront, let the world see it on show, let your heart sing with the love of yourself and your brother and sister, and the Justice for all against those who would keep you in chains upon the prison walls, those who would take the dignity away from yourselves.

Let your love shine for each other, let yourself be heard, let your heart and your words of wisdom find the courage to stand out in defence of your brother and sister.

Transformation is the key, not just for the happiness of one, which in itself is all that there is, for you are all one, one breathing living entity, one miniature God, it is your right to claim peace, however claiming peace for yourself first and foremost and then help your brother and sister to claim their peace.

For when you find piece then comes the …. Transformation in to the Heart


Denis Barnes a divine conduit for the Council of Twelve

(One for all and all for one)